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Rava Ladoo / Rava Laddu / Semolina balls

Hi friends,

Back here after a long break. Happy to see you again. Thought it would be good to start up with a sweet recipe.

Rava ladoo is a one of the most jiffy sweet. We alway love to taste our mom's food. There can never be a alternative. But i really wanted to cook for my mom and see her tasting my food, ( But could not get that opportunity for all these years). But this time , me being in my moms place decided to prepare something for her. I decided to start yp with making some sweet. So i did this rava ladoo last week and came out very tasty. They really tasted so nice, that it did not stay for long. The plate was empty within a hours. I was very happy see this.

Rava ladoo is a simple sweet recipe. There is the recipe just for you........

Ingredients :

Rava / Semolina - 2 cup
Sugar - 2 cup
Cardamon powder - 3 pinch ( You can even grind the 10 green cardamons and add it instead of using the ready made cardamon powder)
Ghee - 20 grms
Cashews Nuts - handful

Preparation :

* First take a pan, add the rava and fry till it becomes slightly brown. ( No need to add oil)
* Then allow it to cool, then add it in the mixy jar, together with the sugar and grind it to fine powder. ( Dont add water or oil to it, grind to powder)
* Then put the mixture in a bowl and add the cardamon powder and mix everything together.
* Now take a pan, add little of ghee and fry the cashew in it till they become golden brown.
* Now add the fried cashews to the mixture and mix together. ( also add the left out ghee and mix the mixture together.
* Now the mixture is ready and only thing that is left is to make small ball shape with the mixture.
* Try to make small ball by adding some more ghee. Then let keep the balls on a separate plate and leave it for 1 -2 hours to set.
* Thats all the yummy rava ladoo is ready to be served. Enjoy yours too.......

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